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Shopping Malls

I usually faithfully follow my wife into shopping malls, and when I am alone, I keep the habit. Kuala Lumpur has plenty of shopping available, prices seem sort of like Europe to me. Only outside the centre, you will find more "Asian prices".
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Action Figures
Action Figures (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Big Hamburger
Big Hamburger (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Big Robinho Nike advertisement
Big Robinho Nike advertisement (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Box Office Cinema
Box Office Cinema (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Cheap Electronics
Cheap Electronics (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Electronic Massage
Electronic Massage (Guest)
Shopping Malls

fashion ad
fashion ad (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Food Court in Shopping Mall
Food Court in Shopping Mall (Guest)
Shopping Malls

food court mall
food court mall (Guest)
Shopping Malls

freaky mask mall
freaky mask mall (Guest)
Shopping Malls

funny wig mall
funny wig mall (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Gashapon World figures
Gashapon World figures (Guest)
Shopping Malls

Girl in Shop
Girl in Shop (Guest)
Shopping Malls

girls bears beetle
girls bears beetle (Guest)
Shopping Malls

In the Mall
In the Mall (Guest)
Shopping Malls

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